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Alif Laila started out with the setting up of a children’s lending library in a gaily colored double Decker bus in 1978. This happened to be the first exclusively children's library in Pakistan. Parked on a green patch of land in the heart of Lahore, the bus is neatly stacked on both the upper and lower levels with shelves of books. This stationary bus has become one of the landmarks of Lahore. Boys and girls from different schools utilize the library in addition to many private members who like to come and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the library.

In order to become members of this fascinating library all you have to do is visit the Book Bus or call 042-3575-8395.

After setting up the first children's library in Pakistan, and the interest which this generated among educationists and the people generally ( as a result of which much was written in the press, editorially and otherwise, and radio programmes were recorded in the bus library), the Government of Pakistan approved a policy which stated that 'Children's libraries should be set-up all across the country on the pattern of the Alif Laila Children's Library in Lahore......'. Thus we were instrumental in attracting government attention to the absence of children's libraries in the country and the approval of a policy to rectify this grave ommission. That this file of an approved policy is still lying with the Federal Government and action is still pending.