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3- B Main Market Gulberg II

+92 - 42 - 35758395

Babloo Bhai Aur Bhalo Mian Bagh Main

Babloo Bhai Aur Bhalo Mian Bagh Main

bablu bhai aur bhalu miyan.jpg

Babloo Aur Bhaloo Mian Bagh Mean

Type: Urdu


It’s time with nature for Babloo Bhai and Bhaloo Mian in this story. They enjoy the outdoors, befriend a mother bird, and take pleasure in running around with the squirrels and rabbits. Babloo Bhai’s little sister is up to antics and keeps both her brother and Bhaloo Mian on their toes!

Ages: 3 and up

Price: Rs. 200/=